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Without organization there would be chaos. To fight the chaos we produce sound that is organized in time. We are specialized in two principal methods of creating sound:

First of all we use the traditional method of hitting objects with other objects to make them vibrate, a method that was already known to man in Neolithic Era about 8000 B.O. In those early days rocks and logs were widely used as well as sculls of defeated enemies (or for example deceased neighbours) but we prefer more modern design of membrane that is stretched onto a hollow wooden (or metallic) cylinder. With a variety of different sized cylinders we can produce a variety of rhythmic constructs.

As we know today the universe in itself is considerably larger (about 47 billion light years and expanding) than our ancestors believed in their glorious days so we need much stronger antidotes than mere rhythm. That is why we also organize sound by its pitch and for that we use small notched metal wheels spinning in a magnetic field. The number of notches and the angular velocity of the wheels determine the pitch of the resulting sine wave.
     The sine wave is the most fundamental of all the wave forms and as Jean Baptiste Fourier proved in 1807, by combining sine waves of different wave lengths and amplitudes it is possible to produce any other wave form. This gives us the control over the timbre as well. The resulting signal is then electrically amplified and turned into audible sound by a rotating speaker, which further enhances the sound by means of the Doppler effect.

The sounds produced by these two methods then combine forming a perfectly organized whole.

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